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How do we stay connected and get our brand in front of customers through content?.

At the beginning of 2020 who could have predicted that businesses advertising, promotional and physical marketing strategies would all be interrupted by a global pandemic, national lockdowns and a shift toward remote working.

As these changes take hold and we adjust to these new ways of staying connected, it is becoming increasingly important to utilising social media and content to promote, advertise and generally get in front of potential customers. With an ever changing news flow and continued lockdown restrictions as we enter 2021, it is clear that social media usage will continue to remain a focus for most. This poses questions around business planning, content strategy and how we utilise ‘good content’ to reach our audiences.

This way of content building perhaps on unfamiliar platforms, has become a do or die situation for many small businesses in the UK, who historically would have used forms of physical marketing or promotion, are now forced to assess how they utilise and maximise their opportunities through content to engage and stay at the forefront of their customers minds.

The real challenge, facing most SME’s is how to reach these new customers and enable business growth through the use of these content led channels, to advertise and promote their businesses in the coming months. 

Rob Fowell - Expert Content Creator

Meet Rob Fowell – Video, Motion Graphics and Animation Expert & Consultant,

Providing in-app Content consultations in the It Started Here app today.

Rob Fowell is an Expert in all things Content. From producing, shooting, directing and editing, Robs expertise span all forms of content including video, motion graphics and animation . Having worked with some of the world’s leading organisations Rob now offers his practical, strategic and technical content advice on a consultative freelance basis.

Rob, tell us a bit about you! 

“I’m an all round content creator. which includes video, motion graphics and animation and have been in content creation for coming up 10+ years now..

I’ve previously worked in agencies where I have been ‘a one man content band’ where I produced, shot, directed and edited, so I decided to take my expertise freelance and have been consulting for coming up to a year now.

Just a few of the recent brands I have worked with include Beats by Dre, PlayStation, Fifa, Taylormade & Cricket World Cup.” 

What’s the most common question you get asked and what’s the answer?

This isn’t so much a question I get asked, but a question I ask my clients; What do you want to achieve from creating a particular piece of content?

Think about objectives. Are you selling something? Trying to lead your audience to somewhere (your website for example)? Keep these objectives in mind and measure them back to this. It’s all well and good spending money on high end content for your social channels, but if it’s not ‘doing’ anything it’s not been worth doing. Make this your mindset.

In the field of Content Creation, what one golden piece of advice would you have wanted someone to give you?

It’s key that you have contacts and are active in your field/ industry. I was lucky, that I was given this advice.

In my industry, there’s a lot of people who are very good at what they do, so it’s down to you to stand out from the crowd. Make sure you’re always meeting new clients, checking in with current ones and keeping active on your social media channel. Instagram is definitely your friend!

How has the current economic climate affected the way you work, have you been impacted by remote working, and do you think It Started Here could help? 

It’s been interesting because I’ve had to think outside the box in terms of what content can be created. Especially over lockdown, social media usage was up around the world, so there was an audience for brands. It was just a case of working out different ways these can be connected.

I’m lucky because I haven’t been impacted too much by remote working as my work (especially post production) can be and is done at home. ‘It Started Here‘ can help by giving me a platform to share my expertise without having to leave my home office. Hopefully giving me a great way to supplement my income and share my knowledge!

Content Creation & strategy

What areas of advice can we expect from a 1-2-1 consultation in the It Started Here app?

I can offer a wide range of services to the It Started Here app. This can range from more broader strategic thinking, like how content can benefit your business, what makes content ‘good’ or what content is best for my business?; alongside offering expertise in the more nuts and bolts of content. How to produce, how to shoot and how to edit. So both the strategy all the way through to the technical skills.

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