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The coronavirus pandemic transformed the global economy and resulted in the UK entering a recession.  Businesses have seen a reduction in demand and in an effort to cut costs, many companies made significant staff lay off, resulting in high levels of unemployment across the nation.  As we know, the impact from the pandemic has brought many new challenges for the employers and uncertainties for workers.  The silver lining of these difficult times?  Consulting has grown in popularity, allowing experienced individuals to take control of their careers and create new sources of income!

In this article, we put consulting under the spotlight and explore why it’s the perfect choice for experienced individuals to discover profitable, diverse, and professional opportunities!  We’ll uncover the benefits of becoming both a full-time and part-time consultant and provide you with some invaluable tips to help you get started.

Becoming a consultant – In today’s Economy

Becoming a consultant

Organisations require, now more than ever, solutions to solve the new challenges that have been brought on by the pandemic.  They’re open to involving external professionals to provide a fresh perspective and help with the strategic realignment of their businesses.  Your career has provided you with a wide array of diverse experiences and in turn gives you that experience driven outlook that organisations are eager to obtain. 

As a skilled and knowledgeable thought leader you will be exposed to excellent opportunities by beginning your consultancy journey, helping you earn extra income whilst also helping companies survive through these unprecedented times.

Personal Growth & Development By Consulting

The unspoken benefits of consulting

1. Personal Development!

Every day offers you a new opportunity to learn something new. You will be faced with challenges that test your current knowledge base and inspire you to continue learning and deepen your knowledge!  It’s a great opportunity to fill your ‘skills gaps’ whilst earning at the same time.  

Although you don’t require any specific qualifications or memberships to begin consulting, these ‘badges of honour’ can help you appear more attractive to potential clients, encouraging you to focus on your personal development! And of course polishing up your networking, communication, and influencing skills can never hurt to help you secure new opportunities

2. Flexibility!

As a consultant you are in full control of the hours you work.  You choose which days will be busier and which ones will allow you more time to relax.  This flexibility provides you with the freedom to manage personal errands, take time to recharge, and focus on those side projects that your standard 9 to 5 has been holding you back from!

 3. Diversity!

The beauty of consulting is that you get to work with some impressive, interesting, and inspiring companies and people.  You’ll be working with the passionate leaders of the businesses and they’ll be relying on YOUR suggestions to help take their business to the next level.  

You will be exposed to a range of problems, projects, technologies, and industries!  None of your days will be the same and you will become a true expert in your field.

4. Great wages

As with your time, you also have full flexibility over what you charge.  If you can demonstrate your passion, energy, and hardworking attitude then clients will pay what YOU think YOU’RE worth.  It goes without saying that what you put in is what you get out, so being able to convey your passion, energy, and efforts to potential clients will benefit you in the long term.

5. Powerful network

Consulting provides you with brilliant opportunities to build out your network of professional contacts. As you will be working with a lot of companies and teams, you will get to meet new professionals and experts who will value your inputs and these connections can help you even after working together.  Networking helps you stay up to date with your field and helps you find new clients, and be found by new clients.

Work From Anywhere As An It Started Here Consultant

Why become an It Started Here. contact-free consultant

If you, like us, think consulting is a great opportunity to progress you career, and you are interested to dip your toes in the consultancy world for yourself then It Started Here is the platform for you!  It Started Here’s unique platform helps you make new connections with growth focussed businesses who are eager for you to start sharing your knowledge with them!  It Started Here offers a flexible, safe, and secure solution to start working on great projects – all whilst earning extra income.  The platform is focussed on contact-free consulting helping you adapt to the current situation seamlessly.

Our application provides consulting opportunities on a mass scale.  Using technology, connectivity, and innovative solutions, we aim to help professionals and consultants build their client base by using innovative functionality such as in-app video, voice, and instant messaging.  Enjoy the benefits of our platform and become an It Started Here. consultant today.