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I have an idea for a Business, how do I turn it into a reality?.

Entrepreneurs, new business owners and individuals can have a brilliant idea, a true moment of genius, seeing a gap in the market that only they have spotted. Although they may not possess the industry knowledge, business acumen or even the right skill set to bring a product or service to market they then set about trying to turn that idea into reality.

The truth is, implementation and operational hurdles are what hold back most new (and even established) businesses back, whilst common sense and hard work can get you so far, sometimes you need the advice of someone who already knows the answers. 2020 was a tougher year for most, due to the global pandemic however it gave many an opportunity to reflect and really consider the possibility of making their business idea a reality.

How do these Entrepreneurs turn their vision into an attractive proposition, and in turn a successfully trading business, conquering challenges they may not have even considered?.

Meet Madalina Eriksson – Founder of Nurture Founders, A Start-up Strategy & Operations Expert,

Providing in-app Founder & Start-up consultations in the It Started Here app today.

Madalina is a start-up consultant and founder of Nurture Founders, a start-up studio. She brings 5+ years of solid strategy and operations experience in various start-ups in luxury goods, communications, technology and hospitality. She combines business consulting with founders’ focused coaching and is a specialist in helping founders balance vision with practicality.

Madalina, tell us a bit about you! 

“My passion is to help founders at the initial idea stage, taking them from launch and funding through to successful trading businesses. I love helping them conquer challenges, streamlining operations and implementing growth strategies.”

What’s the most common question you get asked and what’s the answer?

‘’How can I balance my vision with practicality?’’

I love this question because the magic sauce to uncompromised innovation and success is to balance vision with practicality. The short answer can be summed up in one word, Execution.

Start-up founders are often visionaries, which is what makes them great innovators and entrepreneurs. Something they struggle with is execution, and what I mean by that is strategically organising their visions into practical and realistic execution roadmaps. My job is to provide founders with tools they can use to become more effective leaders that follow through on their ideas.

In the Founder focused Start-up Consulting field, what one golden piece of advice would you have wanted someone to give you?

 Richard Branson famously said “The best lesson I learned was to just do it.” 

How has the current economic climate affected the way you work, have you been impacted by remote working, and do you think It Started Here could help? 

As an independent consultant, I have been lucky to have comprehensive experience with remote working pre-COVID, which certainly has made the adaptation pretty smooth for me. I do, however, miss networking and in-person meetings since a big bulk of my clients come from personal connections and recommendations. Having a trustworthy app that showcases my skills, matches me with clients, and makes my services available to a wider reach is very helpful during the current climate. I am very excited to see the progress and be part of It Started Here

I believe It Started Here is launching at the perfect time, not just because of COVID. Digitalisation is our generation’s zeitgeist, it was only a matter of time until we transitioned to a digital society. Having said that, human interaction is still very important and I am happy to know that customers can also book physical meetings through the app, in the future when it is safe to do so.

Giving consultants the option to monetise their skills through an easy interference app will create employment opportunities, confidence and independence for skilled professionals, and accessible expertise available to the public at the click of a button.

What areas of advice can we expect from a 1-2-1 consultation in the It Started Here app?

My focus is on start-ups and specifically working directly with the founder or co-founders. 

Business Planning and Strategic Consulting (business plan writing, business development, strategic analysis, marketing plan, market entry strategies) 

  • Investor Pitching, Pitch Deck drafting & Fundraising | Angel investors, venture capital and private equity
  • Market research | Industry analysis, market sizing, competitive analysis, customer analysis, SWOT
  • Strategy and Direction | Growth hacking, operations, project management, scaling 
  • Leadership style and Company culture | Founders SWOT, delegation, working with freelancers, mentoring

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