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Does my Start-up have a future through funding?.

According to the Small Business Association in a 2019 study, 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five and 66% are out of business within ten years.

2020 was a tougher year for most, due to the global pandemic many small businesses were encouraged to carry on their operations remotely and avoid physical workplaces where possible. This led to a lot of businesses being forced to close their doors (physical & virtual) for good. With an immediate drop in trade, ever mounting overheads commitments and for some larger antiquated businesses out dated processes and an inability to ‘think on their feet’ proved too much to burden.

This poses the question for start-ups today, remaining agile and ready for anything, how do they get #fundingReady and become an attractive proposition to investors, even when trading appears stalled and external factors such as lockdowns, restrictions on travel and a general tightening of belts, affect their ability to grow and show results.

Meet Carlos Thibaut – A Business Consultant and Board member of the Society of Mortgage Professionals,

Providing in-app Business consultations in the It Started Here app today.

Carlos is the former CEO of 360Dotnet, current board member of Paylink solutions Ltd and is responsible for launching the UK’s first on-line life assurance quote and apply platform.

Carlos, tell us a bit about you! 

“I’m passionate about strategy building, business plan construction and execution, start-up advice, start up, seed and series A funding advice, Non executive director availability, Board Advisory and mentoring.

What’s the most common question you get asked and what’s the answer?

Two questions I commonly get asked; How do I grow my business or how do I diversify my business?

The answer for both is; be clear about your proposition, make sure you know your potential customers and will these customers pay for the service/product.
Prepare a clear Business Plan, ensure you have the right staff/skills to deliver your ambitions and ensure your funding requirements are clear and supported by robust data.

In your experience, what one golden piece of advice would you have wanted someone to give you?

The best piece of advice I have ever received, was to do something you enjoy and are passionate about… success will follow.

How has the current economic climate affected the way you work, have you been impacted by remote working, and do you think It Started Here could help? 

Covid has accelerated digital adoption and made businesses re-think their business models. I’ve always used digital tools video-conferencing, working from home and I’ve found clients now much more willing to use digital. Many clients that automatically preferred face to face meetings have embraced video-conferencing, electronic document transfer etc, which has made my work much more efficient. 

Covid is the most dramatic global event since WW2. Businesses of all sizes are having to re-think strategies, business models, technology, processes at unprecedented speed. Agility, creative thinking and the courage to pivot businesses are essential for survival, and as with most crises full of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Many businesses struggle to find quality business advice at affordable prices. Large complex consultancy projects are out of reach for many and too slow and cumbersome to cope with the demands of todays fast moving environment. To be able to find specialists in the required field, access them quickly and be able to engage efficiently, I believe It Started Here is a step change in helping businesses of all sizes to be agile, creative and professional to navigate and succeed in the new Covid environment.

Through It Started Here, consultants can access clients quickly and efficiently and build effective mutually beneficial relationships far quicker than traditional methods.

What areas of advice can we expect from a 1-2-1 consultation in the It Started Here app?

As an experienced Non executive director and board advisor I am able to offer consultancy services including; Strategic planning and delivery, Business Planning, stakeholder engagement, business re-structuring advice and corporate governance.

I am well versed in fund raising, preparing investment pitches, start-up advice, go to market planning, aligning digital and business strategy, sales plans and management, M&A advice, and mentoring.

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