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With increased barriers to trade (virtual or physical) how can we create innovative products in a sustainable way?.

With Brexit now firmly in place with the UK leaving the EU, many small businesses are facing additional hurdles with regards to product development from a import/export perspective of raw materials and products.

When developing new innovative products, there has been a shift towards sustainability and whilst this has always been a barrier to overcome, businesses are now faced with further dilemmas surrounding ease of trade and cost cost implications of reaching further a field for quality materials at fair prices.

With this in mind, creating delicious, innovative products whilst maintaining sustainability principles throughout the production process and a competitive edge over competitors, is a question most businesses should be asking.

Meet Alejandro Aispuro – Expert Distiller, Spirit Production Advisor, Co-Founder Of Agavache,

Providing in-app consultations in the It Started Here app today.

Alejandro is a consulting distiller with extensive experience in Mezcal and Agave Spirits, brand, and product development. With expertise in every stage from grain to bottle. Alejandro is the winner of the 2020 Worshipful Company of Distillers Award for his works with wild yeasts. Holding a MSc in Brewing and Distilling and a Level 4 Diploma in Spirits by the WSET.

Alejandro, tell us a bit about you! 

“My spirit career began as an educator and consultant of agave spirits; working with local producers, imparting master classes on mezcal throughout Mexico, the USA and Europe, curating spirit menus and private collections, and co-founding a company dedicated to spirits education.

Guided by curiosity and a need for explanations, I first came to Scotland to do A Diploma in Spirits by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and returned a couple years later to do a MSc in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University and a Level 4 Diploma in Spirits by the WSET.

Drawing on my experience in Agave spirits and extensive studies, I am currently developing projects which revolve around natural fermentations, wild yeasts, and parallel fermentations. My work with wild yeasts has earned me the 2020 Worshipful Company of Distillers Award.” 

What’s the most common question you get asked and what’s the answer?

I often get asked “how many bottles will we sell per year?”

Which I think is the wrong way to look at your business. Of course the easy answer is to calculate the number of barrels and bottles based on your target production of litres of pure alcohol, per year or based on the barrels you have available to produce a blend, but that’s misleading.

Have you taken into account the barrels you have to store and mature for future years? Have you started maturing some of the spirit in barrels of different sizes?

In short, what’s your long term plan look like? These are all considerations that I will help you sort out and create an effective and sustainable long view for your business.

In the Distilling, production & spirits industry, what one golden piece of advice would you have wanted someone to give you?

 Sustainability and deliciousness aren’t innovation, they are a responsibility.

How has the current economic climate affected the way you work, have you been impacted by remote working, and do you think It Started Here could help? 

For businesses seeking to establish a new brand, new expression, or to explore a new market, consultancy is essential and thankfully it can be done with a socially-distant and remote approach.

It Started Here can help getting businesses in touch with consultants and maybe even showcase some specialists that businesses weren’t even aware that they could find. Yes, there will be a time where a visit to the distillery, blending room, or warehouse is needed, but until then we must all take advantage of the possibilities and flexibility that remote working has to offer.

What areas of advice can we expect from a 1-2-1 consultation in the It Started Here app?

Whether it is understanding the newest trends in the spirits industry or developing unique products to stand out through the merits of flavour and character, from creating gin recipes to improving and problem solving your production process. Get Expert advice from a consulting distiller with experience in brand and product development and the expertise for every stage from grain to bottle.

The advice will always be sound, objective, and guided by both experience and feasibility.

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