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Consulting provides exceptional opportunities to work with creative minds, interesting projects, and experience the world from a different perspective. It’s a never-boring profession that requires adaptability and real passion. Travelling, networking, and personal face to face meetings conventionally make up a major part of the working routine of a consultant, it is especially important for building and maintaining a solid client base. However COVID-19 has increasingly limited these activities, so how does it affect the industry?  What are the possibilities a consultant can search for at the moment?

In this article, we will explore the situation of the consultant industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic and learn about the new possibilities of our present. What is more, we will introduce It Started Here, the effective contact-free consulting app and the benefits of joining it as a consultant.

How has the Coronavirus pandemic changed the industry?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on all industries. Jobs that require commutes and face-to-face interactions with clients are hardest hit and the current situation is causing extreme challenges to the consulting industry. Most consultants usually spend more than half of their working lives traveling, as they travel across the globe to guide and assist their clients with professional advice. Commuting, networking, and participating in international fairs are not easily viable at the moment. These activities are essential foundations of a well-working consultant business, and adapting to the new norms can be hard. On the other hand, building and maintaining business relationships now has new struggles. Making connections with companies, self-promotion, and the possibility to explore and become part of exciting projects require personal contact. At least, the industry relied on these before the pandemic.

But how can you adapt to benefit from the physical distance and the era of remote working as a consultant now? 

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Adapting to find new opportunities

Companies are desperately seeking solutions on how to survive

Companies around the world are looking for solutions and innovative answers on how to deal with the current economic situation, how to survive and even how to grow. They are looking for expert consultants more than ever before. Business owners and organisations require complex, well-designed and creative solutions to solve problems caused by the crisis. It not only gives a great opportunity to create quality connections but also to deliver valuable work to build and maintain relationships. You can help prepare their organisations for possible scenarios, help with the protection of their workers, and give guidance on how they can best invest during this time.

The power of digital collaborations

Being online and working from home might not be totally new to consultants. The time differences and the miles between you and your clients sometimes required online contact, even before COVID-19. Remote working helped to be more organised and run multiple projects at the same time. The working from home movement is clearly here to stay, and it gives excellent opportunities for consultants. Digital collaboration has been developed and practiced for some time now, so the industry can use it on a broader scale to be more efficient, flexible and collaborative.

Building a personal brand online to expand your client base

Networking events and international fairs are a great way to make connections. It requires a lot of traveling, organisation, time and often great expense, all in the effort to convince potential clients to collaborate with you. These kinds of networking opportunities are becoming increasingly limited now due to the pandemic, and whilst restrictions may ease in the future, these limitations have highlighted new digital possibilities for the consulting industry. The online world offers excellent opportunities to build portfolios, present CVs, and share valuable knowledge with individuals who can become part of your network and potentially your clients. It’s a much more efficient and succinct way of presenting yourself, your experiences and your skills, rather than spending days in busy and crowded fairs and exhibitions.

So it’s clear that the pandemic not only brought limitations and regulations to the consultant industry but also new opportunities to make business connections and help individuals and companies.

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It Started Here: connecting consultants with clients online

The world is changing, and in times like this, flexibility and adaptability are a great advantage. As a consultant, you need to look for possibilities in uncertain times to bring out the most of your business. It Started Here is the new innovative solution for you to stay current, adapt to the new life that the pandemic shaped and be able to continue building your career and networking just like before.

It Started Here is a new online application in the UK that helps to connect consultants with professionals using innovative functionality, like in-app video, chat and voice. It’s extremely easy and convenient to use for both sides and it creates quality connections between experts and clients.

The advantages of joining It Started Here as a contact-free expert consultant

Joining our community is free and so easy to do, it brings many benefits to you as a consultant. If you’re experienced and have been in the industry for some time, you will find it a great opportunity to settle in to the new norms and continue networking, self-promotion and participate in important and complex projects to help companies and entrepreneurs. As an It Started Here consultant, you are able to continue building and maintaining business relationships through innovative functionality. You can use in-app video, chat, or voice calling to share your knowledge and experiences with curious professionals who need guidance and support in these challenging times. The in-app consultations are charged on a per-minute rate set by you, making it an affordable option to ask and give help.

If you’re just about to start your career as a consultant, the It Started Here application and community offers brilliant opportunities for you as well. You are able to earn extra income from anywhere, working only at the times it suits you. You can list all your previous experiences and create your personal profile in the application. Once you become a verified It Started Here expert consultant, you can easily connect with organisations who need support in the field you’re in and help them succeed.

The mission of It Started Here is to provide freelance working opportunities on a mass scale and to disrupt the consultancy industry. Using technology, connectivity, and innovative solutions, we aim to help consultants not only to maintain but build their client base and enjoy a professional, user-friendly platform.

Click here to become a member of It Started Here, the contact-free consulting application.

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