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How do we ensure (virtual or physical) workplace wellbeing and ultimately burnout proof our business?.

2020 saw businesses encouraged to carry on their operations remotely and avoid physical workplaces where possible. This way of working has been a do or die situation for many small businesses in the UK. This huge shift in remote working has brought with it many obvious work life benefits that employees can take advantage of. With many businesses fully embracing this way of working they are also seeing the benefits of virtual workplaces with productivity and output improvements. 

This shift to remote working however, also poses questions and concerns for employee wellbeing and ability to stress manage in a remote setting. Whilst some employees are taking advantage of the time savings in travel and the perks of already being at home, when you clock off for the day. For many, with no physical locking of the office, or end to the day, we are in danger of creating for some employees a culture of longer hours and isolating behaviours, ultimately leading to potential burnout.

Meet Cara de Lange – Burnout Expert, Speaker, Founder & Author of Softer Success,

Providing in-app Wellbeing & Burnout consultations in the It Started Here app today.

Cara de Lange is an international burnout expert, speaker and founder and author of Softer Success, empowering some of the world’s leading organisations and their employees to proactively prevent burnout. Cara’s powerful programme ‘Prevent Burnout, Find Balance’ enables individual clients and corporate teams to create a more harmonious, peaceful and productive life.

Cara, tell us a bit about you! 

“I’m a wellbeing & burnout expert, founder and author of Softer Success , empowering some of the world’s leading organisations and their employees to  proactively prevent burnout.

I’ve worked with companies such as Google, Reckitt Benckiser, Saatchi & Saatchi, Box over the last 20 years.   My work is regularly featured in publications and recently on Sky TV.  I’m an advocate for stress management and I’m an associate and work closely with the International Stress Management Association .

I’m a workplace wellbeing specialist that is passionate about  helping businesses to create a #burnoutproof environment for their employees and to help entrepreneurs build their companies without in a #burnoutproof way.” 

What’s the most common question you get asked and what’s the answer?

How do I stop burnout, how can I reduce my anxiety, – first let’s STOP and take a deep breath. Then by using the Softer Success 3 steps tools to find more calm and balance

In the wellbeing and mental health field, what one golden piece of advice would you have wanted someone to give you?

 In business, wellbeing should be first and foremost, always! It will be our future way of working.

How has the current economic climate affected the way you work, have you been impacted by remote working, and do you think It Started Here could help? 

Actually my business was already remote however I did have some pull back from speaking engagements at the start of lockdown. Wellbeing and Mental health are right on the forefront now and I am passionate about helping SMB’s scale and build in a sustainable way and help them create a #burnoutproof environment for their employees. I hope that It Started Here can help spread the word on that. 

What areas of advice can we expect from a 1-2-1 consultation in the It Started Here app?

Workplace wellbeing strategy & development: Specialising in ‘How to create a #burnoutproof environment for your employees’ – How to #burnoutproof when building a business’, ‘- How to #burnoutproof your working life.

While working with top companies such as Google I’ve found what works and what doesn’t and I want to share with you all the easy to apply tools and techniques that work. My bestselling book Softer Success has been featured in publications all over the world. While writing the book I interviewed hundreds of people who had gone through and recovered from burnout and gained really valuable insights. I want to share this with you along with my own experience of burnout too, which led me to this incredible path of helping others.

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